EU-LISTCO encompasses a consortium of 14 universities and think tanks located in the EU, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The EU-LISTCO project is being coordinated by Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel and Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse at the Freie Universität in Berlin. 



Freie Universität Berlin

Team leader

Tanja A. Börzel
Professor of Political Science, director of the Center for European Integration and the Center of Excellence “The EU and its Citizens”

Team leader

Thomas Risse
Professor of International Relations, director of the Center for Transnational Relations, Foreign and Security Policy

Kaja Kreutz
Project manager for EU-LISTCO

Aurora Bergmaier
Research associate

Luisa Linke-Behrens
Research associate

Eric Stollenwerk
Research associate

Gregor Walter-Drop
Research associate


GPPi Logo RGB_borderless.jpg

Global Public Policy Institute

Team leader

Katrin Kinzelbach
Associate director

Team leader

Philipp Rotmann
Associate director

Sarah Bressan
Research associate

Dominic Depner
Project Manager, Foresight Intelligence

Johannes Gabriel
Managing director, Foresight Intelligence
Non-resident fellow, Global Public Policy Institute

Tobias Schneider
Research fellow


Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research

Team Leader

Khalil Shikaki

Jehad Harb

Walid Ladadweh

Alaa Lahluh
Assistant researcher


Peace Research Institute Oslo

Team leader

Siri Aas Rustad
Senior researcher

 Jonas Nordkvelle
Senior researcher

Håvard Mokleiv Nygård
Research director, senior researcher, managing editor

Andreas Forø Tollefsen
Senior researcher



Bilkent University

Team leader

Saime Ozcurumez
Associate professor and associate dean, Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Deniz Yıldırım
Research associate

Christina Hamer
Research associate



IDC Herzliya

Team leader

Amichai Magen
Senior lecturer

Dima Adamsky
Associate professor

Daphne Richemond-Barak
Assistant professor

Moran Stav



Barcelona Centre for International Affairs

Team leader

Pol Morillas
Deputy director of research and senior research fellow

Pol Bargués

Eduard Soler i Lecha
Senior fellow



Istituto Affari Internazionali

Team leader

Riccardo Alcaro
Research coordinator, head of the Global Actors programme

Silvia Colombo
Head of the Mediterranean and Middle East programme

Ettore Greco
Executive Vice President

Daniela Huber
Senior fellow, co-editor of  The International Spectator

Lorenzo Kamel
Senior fellow, editor of  IAI Research Papers and IAI Books

Nona Mikhelidze
Head of the Eastern Europe and Eurasia programme

Nathalie Tocci

M. Christina Paciello
Senior fellow

Anja Palm
Junior researcher
@AnjaPalm_ ‏ 



European University Institute

Team leader

Federica Bicchi
Part-time professor, Global Governance Programme

Matteo Capasso
Research associate, Global Governance Programme

Georges Fahmi
Research fellow, Middle East Directions Programme

Hamza Meddeb
Research fellow, Middle East Directions Programme

Luigi Narbone
Director, Middle East Directions Programme

Gabriella Sanchez
Research fellow, Migration Policy Centre

For more information on the EUI/RSCAS project’s component, please visit the MEDirections website here.


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Polish Institute of International Affairs

Team leader

Agnieszka Legucka

Jakub Benedyczak   

Jędrzej Czerep 

Anna Dyner 
Head of Eastern Europe programme

Lidia Gibadło

Beata Górka-Winter
Senior researcher

Elżbieta Kaca   

Arkadiusz Legieć
Senior researcher

Jakub Pieńkowski

Marcin Terlikowski
Head of the European Security and Defence Economics project

Patrycja Sasnal
Head of Middle East and North Africa programme

Daniel Szeligowski 
Senior research fellow



Team leader

Christian Lequesne
Full professor

David Cadier



Ukrainian Institute of Public Policy 

Team leader

Ildar Gazizullin
Director, Economic Policy and Business programme

Maxsym Bugriy
Policy & Research Director at Wooden Horse Strategies

Olga Lvova
Associate analyst, Foreign and Security Policy programme

Іgor Shevliakov
Director, Political Process and Good Governance programme


GIP logo full without background.png

Georgian Institute of Politics

Team leader

Kornely Kakachia
Executive director

Bidzina Lebanidze
Senior policy analyst



Carnegie Europe Foundation

Team leader

Judy Dempsey
Senior fellow

Cornelius Adebahr

Thomas de Waal
Senior fellow

Richard Youngs
Senior fellow